Our Instructors

Professionally certified and clinically experienced.

Justin Doherty


Combat Medic

TCCC Instructor

Certified AHA Instructor

68W Healthcare Specialist

Justin continues to work as a Registered Nurse in local Emergency Departments and Trauma Centers. He has devoted over ten years of learning and working in the medical field, with a broad base of experience. Working in Water Rescue, Prehospital Life Support, Emergency Medical Services,

David Moore

68W Healthcare Specialist (Medic)

TCCC Instructor


David's experience working in a large level I trauma center's emergency department, a local fire department, as well as working as a medic in the military has taught him that the keys to clinical excellence are communication, anticipation, adaptability, and teamwork. Cultivating these aspects have allowed David to become an effective educator for his students and a resilient member of Northeast Medical Education Services.

David has over Twelve years of experience in various levels of healthcare spanning from austere environments to operating rooms. He is also an active member in the only federal disaster team dedicated to providing acute surgical and critical care outside of the United States. As part of the National Disaster Medical Service the team is a joint venture between the US Health and Human Services Department and the US State Department to provide a high level of care in any location or situation.

Justin Powers

Education Coordinator for a Hospital

Non Violent Crisis Intervention Instructor

Combat Medic

TCCC Instructor

Justin Powers is certified in ACLS,
PALS, CPR/ First Aid, BLS, Neonatal resuscitation,
Advanced Medical Life Support and Combat Lifesaver.
Justin Continues to work as a Professional Educator for civilian hospitals as well as the Army National Guard as a Combat Medic. Prior, Justin worked In prehospital life support as well as local law enforcement.

We are professional educators seeking to share our knowledge and benefit our community. Those looking to pursue various medical and tactical certifications will experience high level guidance and advocacy from the best. We want to provide proficiency and acute training so that others can have confidence in their skill and practice.



Nashua, NH, USA

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