Save lives with CPR without putting yourself at risk of infection. One-Way Valve CPR Mask provides an excellent barrier between the rescuer and the patient 
Easy to Carry: Comes with a red keychain bag( size:5 x 5 cm) easy for car, backpack, purse, keys, glove box, boat,work and more. 

CPR masks are a must when performing CPR or rescue breathing as they help prevent transmission of harmful bacteria. 

Get these kits now. As you add these to your cart, make sure you get enough to have them handy if and when they become needed. Your car, boat, home, purse, work desk are all good places to have these kits. 

Suitable for both adults and children 


  • CPR mask with One-way valve Prevents Mouth-to-mouth Contact and Risk of Infection or Contamination
  • CPR face shield is very compact 1.96" by 1.96" , nylon keychain with ring, easy to carry around
  • Material: PE+Nylon , 100% brand new and high quality
  • Can be put into any first aid kit for its compacted shape
  • Great for glove compartment, boat, purse, keychain or home

12 Pack CPR Face Shield Keychain